TiPs for tRaVeL VirGiNs


Tips for Travel Virgins

Got the itch to wander?

Curious to see other parts of this big ol’ world?

Then go forth!

Travel is a great teacher.

You learn things about other cultures.

You see how other people live.

You witness the natural beauty that we are so blessed to have on this gorgeous planet.

You might also see some things that you wish you hadn’t seen but that will add depth to your soul and hopefully inspire you to be one of the people who make this world a better place.

Most of all, you learn about yourself.

I have honestly never come across anyone who has regretted travelling or living abroad. I’m not saying that no one ever regrets it, just that I have not met any of them.

So if you are thinking of taking off on a great adventure, here are some tips to help you prepare.

1. Don’t over think it. Go with your gut and learn to use that as your compass.

2. Pack light. Then take out ¼ of the stuff you packed.

3.Immerse yourself in the culture. Meet locals. Hang out with people who don’t speak your language (especially if you are there to learn the language!)

4.Learn the difference between being paranoid and being safe.

5.Separate your bank cards. When I went away for a few months or year at a time and relied on savings or Canadian funds, I had two Canadian bank accounts so that if something went wrong with one of them, (and it has) then I had the other to back me up.

6.Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and/or make a fool of yourself. This is all part of the experience and will make for great stories later on. If you don’t have embarrassing anecdotes to tell your grand kids, then you are not pushing yourself far enough outside your comfort zone.

7.Be smart. If you are travelling alone make sure you always have a backup plan. (A way to get money fast and a way to communicate with someone fast in an emergency).

8.Stay in touch. Let people know where you are and where you are heading. Not only is it safe, it is a way to let your family and friends who are not able to travel to live vicariously through you. That being said, don’t be tied to your phone/laptop/insert device here. One of the great things about travel is that you can disconnect from certain things (and people) for a while and make new connections to other things (and people).

9. If you are Canadian and will be away for a long period of time,take some Hawkins Cheezies with you. You can’t get them out of Canada! What I wouldn’t do for some Cheezies right now….

10.And most of all…drink it all in. Savour the moments, the unexpected thrills, and the quiet ‘aha’ moments. Be humbled, be inspired, and follow your own path.


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