‘F’ is for Feria de Sevilla

The scent of orange blossoms permeates the air and traces of flamenco guitar can be heard from all corners of the city. Beautiful women walk past in their ‘faralaes’ (traditional flamenco style dresses) that swish with every sway of their hips. Proud young men saunter after them in their ‘trajes cortos’ (Andalucian horsemen’s outfit) complete with wide-brimmed hat and riding boots.

Every year since 1847, the Southern Spanish city of Seville lightens things up after the sobriety of Semana Santa (Holy Week) and throws one hell of a party. Horse carriages, copious amounts of manzanilla (a type of dry Sherry), tapas, flamenco-style dancing and all out merrymaking will fill the fairgrounds day and night for a week.

Although it is known as the April Fair (Feria de Abril), this year it takes place from May 6th-11th.

Test your Spanish with this website for more information or HERE if you prefer English.

Has anyone been to the April Fair in Seville? If so, did the manzanilla knock you on your ‘culo’ like it did to me? (Just as an aside to anyone learning Spanish…the world ‘culo’ is used a lot in Spain but is considered offensive in Latin American countries. Just passing along information that I learned the hard way).

Any Feria memories to share? Anyone have plans to go this year?

6 responses to “‘F’ is for Feria de Sevilla

  1. I’ve never been to Spain but would love to go. Delicious food, passionate music, and a festive air are three great reasons for me to go! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. Spain is one of only a handful of European countries I’ve never been to. I do have it on my list of places to visit in the next year or two.


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