‘Z’ is for Zhujiajiao…Shanghai’s Venice

One of China’s many ‘water towns‘ the ancient city of Zhujiajiao is a short day trip from Shanghai (about 45 minutes).

Over 1700 years old, Zhujiajiao has a well preserved old city that is like a living museum. While the town is a popular destination and fills up with tourists, if you go later in the day (around 2:30 ish) it seems to be a bit quieter.



It is a nice place to wander around, exploring the little streets and old bridges and if you are feeling brave you can sample some of the local cuisine. I say brave not necessarily for what the food is but that you might not know what you are ordering. You may or may not be shocked when the plate is set in front of you. I was served something that did not look like what I thought I had ordered so I asked what it was. I’m not sure if it was a translation blunder, but the waiter told me that my plate contained spiced donkey penis. I wasn’t that hungry anyways….

After eating (or in my case moving the food around enough to look like I consumed some of it), we took a gondola ride (for under $5) just in time for the sunset. I was glad that we went later in the day because it was nice to see the town at night, with the red lanterns all lit up along the canals.



Z (1)


8 responses to “‘Z’ is for Zhujiajiao…Shanghai’s Venice

  1. A good post of another interesting destination, and supported by some excellent pics. Well done for maintaining your topic throughout, and it highlighted some quaint, ad some bizarre locations.


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