Random Facts: Horses


1. Horse have big eyes. Really big. In fact, they have the biggest ones of any land mammal and unlike dogs, horses are not colour blind.

2. The average life span of a horse is about 25 years but the oldest recorded horse lived to be 62! If you converted horse years to human years that would make “Old Billy” (the horse’s name…although I doubt he was named that at birth) 173 years old.

3. Horses have a sixth sense, making them very intuitive and perceptive.

4. An acute sense of smell makes it possible for horses to smell emotions. They know when they have a nervous or aggressive rider for example.

5. Horses do not have gall bladders.

6. A horse’s teeth actually take up more room in their head than their brain.

7. While horses do sometimes lay down to nap, they sleep standing up. Their legs are designed to hold them comfortably for extended periods of time (they could literally stand for months or years without getting tired), allowing them to be totally relaxed on their feet. It is actually easier for them than laying down for long periods. Also because it is a bit of exertion and takes some time for them to get to their feet, from a survival perspective, sleeping on their feet gives them a running head start against predators or other dangers.

8. Some famous horses: Mr Ed (the equestrian chatterbox), Silver (from the Lone Ranger), The Black Stallion, Black Beauty, Snippy ( a young mare whose real name was ‘Lady’ who was believed to be have been killed by Aliens. Her remains were found in very suspicious conditions), Man O War (racehorse), The Trojan Horse (ok, made of wood but still), and Trigger (Roy Roger’s trusty steed. His original name was Golden Cloud by the way.)


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