Photographers, Metro Photo Challenge is ON!

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If you haven’t heard of it, Metro Photo Challenge is a global photo contest that “aims to connect people around the world through the universal language of photography and to reward outstanding photographers.”

It’s a great way to get your photos seen by an international audience and to get some inspiration from other photographers. (Last year there were over 200 thousand entries).

In 2010 two of my images (including the one above) were selected as Canadian (Eng) local finalists. My photos got seen by thousands of people (in several countries) and were shown as ‘Photo of the Day’ in Metro newspapers within Canada.

They have different themes or categories every year, and 2013 is looking for photography that can convey the six senses. That’s right, I said six. They have a category for the sixth sense as well, which allows a little more creative editing than the other categories, which accept minimal alterations.

Here’s how it works:

1. First you select your region or country. Don’t worry if your country is not listed, you can still enter as ‘International’.

2. Submit photos in one or more of the six categories: “Sight”, “Smell”, “Touch”, “Sound”, “Taste” and “6th Sense”. You have until November 9th to get them in! (Check your own region to make sure as dates can vary somewhat).

3. By public vote, ten LOCAL images in each category are selected, for a total of 60 per region or country. These will then be narrowed down to two in each category by local judges.(This has changed since I took part in 2010 where the photos were selected by judges first and then voted.)

3. The twelve photos from each local region will then be in competition to be chosen as global finalists.

4. Six images (one in each category) will be selected as Global Winners.

5. Then ONE of these will be crowned the Grand Prize Winner!

So use your imagination and photography skills and show the world what you’ve got! I will be entering this year as well so happy competing! Good luck!

Oh! You want to know what the prize is?

In partnership with ‘Reach for Change’ (a non-profit organization that focuses on helping local entrepreneurs improve the quality of life for children), the grand prize winner will receive a 8 day trip to Ghana, West Africa.

The winning photographer will accompany the Reach for Change team on field visits. They will meet the local entrepreneurs who are working towards improving Ghana’s future and talk with local children to hear their stories.

The photos taken on this trip will be published worldwide in Metro. It’s a prize that gives back. Nice.

For more information go to their website:


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