Photo Collections-Doors From Around the World

I love collections. If I actually stayed in one place long enough I fear that my house would be piled to the roof with random wine corks, sea shells, old books, masks, cool bottles, papers with pretty designs on them etc. (I do actually have accumulations started of all of these things, but because I am on the move a lot, they are kept at a manageable ‘small enough to store in a box at my mom’s place’ amount. While coming across the different items is fun, carrying around all the stuff you picked up is not.)

So as a way to indulge in my love for collecting without becoming a hoarder, I use photos. This is actually a better way anyways because it greatly expands what you can ‘collect’. Bridges, smiles, beaches, trees, windows, and cool old suitcases all become easily collectible thanks to photography.

Here is a sample of one of the first ones that I started some years ago:


dooralhambrasignedThe Alhambra. Granada, Spain.

DOORKOREAsignedJeju Island. South Korea.

dooredinburghsignedEdinburgh, Scotland.

DOORDENMARKsignedAarhus, Denmark. Zoom in on the little evil-looking dwarf guy.

DOORVANGRAFsignedAlleyway. Vancouver, Canada.

doorbelizeCaye Caulker, Belize.

DOORNOTREDAMEsignedNotre Dame Cathedral. Paris, France.

doormoroccosignedMarrakesh, Morocco.

DOORPV5signedSan Pancho, Mexico

doorYorkshireYorkshore, Northern England

nynydoorsignedNew York, New York

DOORSHANGHAIsignedShanghai, China

dublindoorDublin, Ireland.

Havana, Cuba

Although a nomadic lifestyle makes it difficult to carry a lot of stuff around, traveling is a great way to build up some fascinating collections. Does anyone have any interesting or unusual ones on the go?

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20 responses to “Photo Collections-Doors From Around the World

  1. Ohhh I just love door photos. I have taken a few photos (and posted) of them myself. They are so mysterious. Who lives there? What is behind it? Thanks so much for linking up again to #SundayTraveler


    • I love seeing how the designs and colours vary by region..(or even neighbourhood) too. I’s so wonderful that there is art and creativity incorporated into daily life all across the globe.


  2. Love this idea! I also take quite a few pics of doors, windows, etc. Photos are a wonderful collection–especially as a traveler when you can’t really collect anything. Thanks for linking up to the #SundayTraveler! πŸ™‚


  3. What a great collection! I too can’t resist photographing a good door – or two. Although I don’t have any specific collections, I really love to bring home a few mementos from each trip. I love the thought of seeing little reminders of our travels throughout the house one day!


    • I know…I can’t help picking up some kind of memento from everywhere I go too for that same reason. I like finding vintage posters from the country I’m in to one day hang all over my future house.


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