From Argentina to Alaska in a Teenie Weenie Car


Parked in a little side street just off 5th avenue in Playa del Carmen was the ‘Brasita del Fuego’: a tiny Fiat 600. Bright red and covered in stickers, it looked like if it could talk, it would have a tale or two to tell. Luckily the two drivers, Juan Manuel Rizzatti and Santiago Uranga CAN talk and so I was able to get a few stories out of them. About half way through their epic road trip from Argentina to Alaska, Juan and Santiago are planting seeds and seedlings along the way and encouraging love for Mama Earth, human connections, and the spirit of travel. I had a million questions about their journey and they were kind enough to answer them. Have a look at the interview on Matador Network and if you are feeling generous, head over to their Trevolta page to help them out with a few bucks for gas money.

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2 responses to “From Argentina to Alaska in a Teenie Weenie Car

  1. What a cute car and an amazing road trip. I can’t imagine being all cramped up in that tiny thing the whole way through. It’s a long ride. Thanks for linking up to the #SundayTraveler!


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