Blogging from A to Z Challenge

‘A’ as in Awesome. I just signed up for the ‘Blogging from A to Z April Challenge’ and am excited to see what everyone comes up with (including myself).

The challenge takes place during the whole month of April (with Sundays as days off) totaling 26 days; a day for each letter of the alphabet. So April 1st will begin with an ‘A’ blog subject and hopefully the end of April will be ‘Z’ (unless this works anything like my New Year’s Resolutions, in which case I might not get past ‘C’.)

Bloggers are given the option to post random posts (as long as they go in alphabetical order) or to choose a theme to tie things together. I am a pretty random gal so I won’t have a theme per se but the posts will be (mostly) under my -Just Picture it- category-.

-Just Picture It- is where I let the photo tell a thousand words (give or take) and add a few more to briefly explain where/when/why the photo was taken. Sometimes the explanations are less brief than others. I call this rambling.

If you are a blogger and are up for the challenge, have a look HERE for more details. Hurry, you only have a few more days to get on the sign-up list!


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