‘M’ is for monkeys in Montezuma

In the little hippy-esque beach town of Montezuma, Costa Rica, things can get a little wild. If you are looking to monkey around, head over to the Bakery Cafe. I’ve heard that the food is pretty good there (the monkeys seem to think so). When I happened upon it I had already eaten so I cannot personally vouch for the grub, but I sure did enjoy watching the Capuchins playing in the tree tops near the café. There were a dozen or so jumping around, including a teeny baby. The only thing better than lingering at a cafe and people watching….. is monkey watching.


2 responses to “‘M’ is for monkeys in Montezuma

  1. An excellent post and accompanying picture. I like natural history and the primates are among my favourites, especially monkeys like the Capuchin with their prehensile tail. Nicely done.


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