Seeing Aarhus, Denmark through rose-coloured glass…

….and blue

And yellow…..

and violet…

and green….

…and orange!

I love heights and I am very inspired by colour so a visit to the roof of ARoS art museum to the YOUR RAINBOW PANORAMA walkway in Aarhus, Denmark was a visual treat.

Created by Danish-Icelandic artist, Olafur Eliasson, the permanent art installation is a 360 degree circular walkway in all the hues of the rainbow, designed to give the visitor a unique view of the city.

It’s amazing the impact that colour has on our feelings and perceptions.  I was surprised at how different I felt as I passed from one colour area to the next. I spent a lot of time in the blue, purple, and pink hues and felt the impulse to spend less time in the red, yellow and orange tones.

Taking a stroll here was a unique sensory experience. Part of what makes this such an interesting work of art is that your experience of it can change depending on the time of day, the weather, your own mood, or even how fast you walk through it.

How does colour affect you? Are there certain shades that you gravitate towards?  Others that you avoid?  Has anyone been here? What were your impressions?






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