Bikers in the Buff: Witnessing The World Naked Bike Ride in Vancouver

I was blissfully unaware. I had no inkling of the event that was about to accost my innocent eyes….

There I was, minding my own business, sitting on a patch of fresh green grass under a tree at Sunset Beach in Vancouver, BC.  I was reading, or knitting possibly, (as you do on a fine summer’s day), and all of sudden…..THIS went pedalling past me.

A big group of nudie bikers!

A few of the scandalous cyclists wore bike helmets, one guy wore socks (on his feet), and one girl used a leaf to adorn her garden of Eden, but other than that, the whole lot of them were just wearing big cheeky grins!

Thanking my lucky stars that karma had not reincarnated me into a bicycle seat in this lifetime, I gasped in shock and covered my innocent eyes.

Fine. I wasn’t knitting and there was no gasping or covering of eyes.  Truth be told, I shouted with glee and dug into my beach bag so fast to get my camera I squished a banana and half a chocolate bar all over my sunglasses and wine bottle Iced Tea.

Turns out, as one nice naked man informed me, they were taking part in The World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) event.

Organized as a way to promote positive body image, emission free transportation, creativity and freedom, WNBR takes place in 70 cities around the world.

“Bare if you Dare” is their motto and participants and (innocent) by-standers are encouraged to attend the after party which includes live music, body painting, food booths and art installations.

For obvious reasons, this is a seasonal event in colder countries like Canada. Ever got your tongue stuck to a metal pole in winter? Moist appendages and metal bikes frames are not a happy mix. This fun and quirky event takes place in the summertime, where the biggest dangers are sunburn, and slipping off the bike.

Check their webpage for dates in a city near you.

(June 13th, 2015 in Vancouver).

Would you ‘dare to bare’ and participate in this revealing event? 


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