Because if you are going to go to a food festival, it may as well be weird as hell? Here are some wacky ones from around the world:

1. La Festa des Vermar: Grape Throwing Festival: Mallorca, Spain: last weekend in September

You’d better wear a shirt that you don’t mind getting stained if you attend this festival in the Mallorcan village of Binissalem. Possibly the only thing that the Spanish like more than wine is a good food fight, so what better way to make use of the grapes that are unfit for produce than to create a ‘uva’ throwing free-for-all. Lasting for up to two weeks, festival goers can expect activities like grape stomping, grape wars and of course, ‘mucho vino’.

2. World Black Pudding Throwing Championships: Ramsbottom, Lancashire, England: second Sunday in September

Inspired by an age-old rivalry between the counties of Lancashire and Yorkshire in Northern England, this bizarre festival is essentially a war of…puddings. Black pudding, (a Lancashire delicacy made from dried pigs blood and fat) heads off against the batter and gravy based Yorkshire pudding in a bizarre foodie battle. Each entrant pays 1£ for a chance at three throws of black pudding (underhand style) to knock down a stack of Yorkshire pudding. The winner, who knocks down the most, walks away with 100 £ and… bragging rights?

3. West Virginia Road Kill Cook-off and Autumn Harvest Festival: Marlinton, West Virginia: last Saturday in September

While no actual road kill is used in this bizarre mass barbecue, the types of animals that are frequent victims of it, are. Cooks try out their hands at making delicious meals using critters like raccoon, bear, possum, squirrel, deer, and armadillo, as their main ingredients. A panel of celebrity judges taste test their way through concoctions like porcupine stew and rabbit shish kebabs to crown the three road-kill chef winners.

4. Bug Fest: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA: September 20, 2014

Sponsored by the Museum of Natural Sciences, this is one festival that bugs the heck out of its visitors. Apart from creepy crawly presentations and displays, this festival encourages the act of entomophagy-the consumption of insects. At ‘Café Insecta’ local culinary businesses offer up dishes like: Chocolate ‘Chirp’ Ice Cream, Cinnamon Sugar Crickets, and Superworm Enchiladas.

5. World Testicle Cooking Championships Lunjevica, Serbia: end of August/beginning of September

Perhaps the ‘nuttiest’ festival of all, this event celebrates the culinary potentials of…you guessed it…testicles. Bull, sheep, stallion, and even ostrich and kangaroo testicles are served up in a variety of dishes including testicle pizza, goulash, moussaka and kebabs. Need a drink to get up the courage to sample some of these dishes? Try a high ‘ball’ created by the contestants of the ‘Cocktails with Balls’ category. Believed to be highly nutritious and a strong aphrodisiac, testicles are unique in that they are the only meat that you can eat where the animal you got it from is still living.

Has anyone been to any of these? Would you go? Any other weird food fests that anyone knows about?



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