These are a few of my Favourite Things (about Canadian Autumns.)


Ahhhh autumn. There is a nostalgic and exciting feeling of change about fall that stirs up the senses, isn’t there? Especially in colder climates where there is a very obvious seasonal change, the fall months are some of the most beautiful.

Where I am living now (Riviera Maya, Mexico) has the season changes of hot, a little hotter, hotter than hell and hurricane, so at this time of year I really miss Canadian autumns. The vibrant colours, the slight chill in the air…there is something magical about it. Don’t get me wrong, knowing that I will not be under three feet of snow in a month is also nice, but no matter where I am in the world, I always feel most nostalgic in the fall.

Some of the Best Things About Canadian Autumns:

autumnlakesigned (Medium)

1. The foliage changes. There is nothing like walking through a forest all ablaze with colour. Of course there are many places in the world with gorgeous fall foliage. If you are lucky enough to live in one, get out there and enjoy it!

Check out some of the best fall foliage watching spots in Canada.

While some of the most colour saturated spots are in Eastern Canada (where I have yet to venture) Western Canada also has some nice autumn tree shows in Vancouver and Burnaby. Deer Lake and Stanley Park are good places to look.

treecolors Deer Lake Park. Burnaby, Canada.

2. Boots! Or even better…Mukluks! Snuggles for your feet.

3. Hot Drinks. Hot Chocolate; apple cider; cappuccinos: they are like little liquid heaters to carry with you once the temperature starts dropping. And is it just me or does everything smell like cinnamon in the fall? Have a look at these scrumptious fall drink recipes from Canadian Living Magazine.


4. Mmm fresh crisp apples right from the tree. Isn’t there just something about the fall harvest that takes you back in time? You know, to a time when food didn’t come out of a box.

List of Apple Festivals in Canada, US and Britain.


5. The air. The air in Autumn is just crisper than other times of the year. For me, it is the ideal time of year to go for long walks, bike rides, canoe trips, and horseback riding. The temperature is not too hot and not too cold. As Goldilocks would say, it’s juuuust right. Plus when it does start getting a little chillier, you get to see your own breath. It’s a pretty visual reminder of how alive you are!
bike for 2long

6. Things made of pumpkins. The pumpkin sure does spice things up in the fall. Pumpkin pie, spiced pumpkin lattes, roasted pumpkin seeds, pumpkin patch visits, and Jack-o-Lanterns- all thanks to this most popular squash.pumpkins

Treats, tricks, dressing up…what’s not to love?witch

I would love to hear about favourite fall things from other countries. Any typical foods eaten at this time? Festivals? Best places to see fall foliage?


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