Capture the Colour!

Eek, talk about last-minute! Having just caught wind of this, I am sneaking in an entry just before the cut off.

Travel Supermarket‘s contest,‘Capture the Colour’ is a photo blog challenge that showcases the colours: red, blue, green, yellow and white.

The idea is for travel bloggers to pick five of their favourite photos which best capture each of the colours and publish them on their own blogs. Landscapes, animals, landmarks, people, and food are just some of the subjects that have been entered in the past. If it represents one of the colours, almost anything goes.

The deadline to enter is TOMORROW, October 9th!

The contest also works on a nomination process, where travel bloggers nominate five other bloggers to take part. You do not have to be nominated though. If you are just starting out with your blog (like me for example,) you can still enter!

All you have to do is choose your five photos, publish them on your blog and then let the people over at Travel Supermarket know that you are in on the challenge. ( You can do this by or by twitter with a link to your entry. Twitter Acct: (@travelsupermkt).

Prizes include an iPad, a Fuji camera or Arc’ teryx voucher for individual category winners. The grand prize winner gets a £3000 travel fund!

To get involved with the conversation about Capture the Colour on Twitter follow the hashtag #CTC13 or check out their website:

If you haven’t been able to get in on it this year then start snapping now for next year!

And here are my entries!



I was lost in Havana, Cuba when I came across this great mural on one of the streets.



I was thrilled to have these dolphins swimming along-side our boat in Puerto Escondido, Mexico



I took this one in Montezuma, Costa Rica. I could have stayed there all day watching them play in the trees overhead.



Christmas Eve in Oaxaca, Mexico. This is my husband’s nephew. He was very excited to get his hands on this sparkler.



This was taken in Banff, Canada.


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