‘O’ is for Obscure words starting with ‘O’

Have you heard of any of these words? Any others to add?

obambulate: to wander about

obeism: practice of West African magic

obequitate: to ride about

obi: broad sash worn with a kimono

oenomania: obsession or craze for wine

olecranon: funny bone

ololygmancy: fortune-telling by the howling of dogs

onomancy: divination using a donkey or ass

onomatophobia: fear of hearing a certain word

opalotype: photograph taken on a milky opal glass plate

osculate: to kiss

owling: smuggling wool or sheep

Ostrobogulous: Bizarre, unusual or interesting

Otacust: An eavesdropper; spy. From Greek meaning “ear” and “listener.”

Go on…use three of them in a sentence 😉



One response to “‘O’ is for Obscure words starting with ‘O’

  1. When I was standing in a railway station in Athens with a girlfriend, I became aware of an otacust who thought we were ostrobogulous, simply because we were happy to osculate in public.


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