‘P’ is for Ponte dei Sospiri


‘Sigh’. One of the most beautiful bridges in the world: the Ponte dei Sospiri in Venice, Italy.

Built in the early 1600’s, this elaborate limestone footbridge was a symbolic crossing place. Connecting the palace to the prison across the canal, this was the last place that many inmates saw the light of day. The name comes from the bittersweet sighs that prisoners (probably) uttered upon seeing their last glimpse of the outside world.

On a less depressing note, if you are looking for a never-ending love story, give your beloved a smooch under the bridge at sunset (in a gondola). Local legend promises eternal lovey-dovey bliss if you do.

The Ponte dei Sospiri is high up there on the list of amazing bridges. What others have you seen that made you sigh?


One response to “‘P’ is for Ponte dei Sospiri

  1. Although it was a bridge of sorts it was also an aquaduct. It was in the border country between Scotland and England back in 1986. Okay, I admit the firs time I jumped the 150 feet I didn’t so much sigh, as gasp. No, I wasn’t diving, I was abseiling, and yes, I did it several times .


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