Dia de los Muertos VS Hanal Pixán


Day of the Dead in Mexico is fast approaching and I am excited to have tickets to Xcaret’s Festival of Life and Death in my sweaty little hands.

Thanks to a contest by Parque La Ceiba, I was able to snag a couple of passes for my hubby and me.

I was lucky to have been able to attend Day of the Dead celebrations in Oaxaca last year and it was nothing short of spectacular. While things seem to be a little quieter on the preparations side of things here in Playa del Carmen, I am looking forward to comparing the differences in traditions.

Day of the Dead, like many aspects of Mexican culture is very regional, with influences from different sources. Mexico is a country comprised of many indigenous groups, each with their own rich customs and rituals that are carried down from generation to generation.

In the Mayan world, Day of the Dead is known as Hanal Pixán and includes some figures and legends that I had not heard of before now. The Ix’tabay, for example is a Yucatan legend of a beautiful woman who comes back from the dead to seduce and pull her male victims into the Netherworld with her. This year she is the guest of honor at The Festival of Life and Death in Xcaret.

If you are interested in having a peek at what this morbidly wonderful holiday looks like in Oaxaca click HERE for my photo essay that was published last year on MATADOR NETWORK.

Stay tuned for some more photos from this year after I get back from the Hanal Pixán festival!

Check out the gallery from my experience at the Festival of Life and Death at Xcaret Park.


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